Frequently Asked Questions


How do I track my package?
Got to the website www.jrs-express.comYour OR number is the first 6 digits of the tracking number. The BC number is the last 4 digits (1472).

How do I know when it's on the way?
You will receive an email from us that includes your tracking number.

How soon after I order will my package be shipped?
We ship 5x a week: MonTueThuFriSat.Our team grinds and packs our coffee on the same day that it is picked up by the courier.

How much will it cost?
Check out the table below for shipping fee estimates.

 Package Weight (in grams) Manila/Luzon Visasyas/Mindanao
0-500 200 220
501-1000 240 260
1001-1500 280 300
1501-2000 320 340
2001-2500 360 380
2501-3000 380 400
3001-3500 430 450
3501-4000 480 500
4001-4500 530 550
4501-5000 580 600
5001-5500 630 650
5501-6000 680 700
6001-6500 730 750
6501-7000 780 800
7001-7500 830 850
7501-8000 880 900



What are your payment options?
We accept Credit and Debit Cards (Visa, Mastercard) as well as GCash via PayMongo.

Can I pay by bank deposit?
We can't process it through the website but if you email us at, we can accommodate your order (just not as quick).



How often do you restock?
We restock our limited offerings every time we roast a new batch, which are usually on Mondays and Thursdays. Our merchandise drops are seasonal though, so once they're gone they're usually gone for good.

How long will 250g last me?
Most of our brewing methods will require about 20g of coffee per serving. If you drink a moderate amount daily, a pouch will likely last you 8-12 days. 




    French Press, Cold Brew


    Filter, Drip Machine

  • FINE

    Espresso Machine, Moka Pot