Hold The Door

By Tan Lopez


The phrase resonated with me after hearing an interview with Jay-R Esquivel, the First Filipino Surfer to Qualify for the WSL Longboarding Tour. Being a pioneer is one thing, but maintaining and improving upon that legacy is another. It means staying true to your core motivations and reasons for starting, like opening a door and keeping it open for others.


Witnessing the dedication of the Philippine Surfing Team during the Padrol Longboarding Competition was eye-opening. Despite a full day of competition, they trained relentlessly. It showed me the meaning of being an athlete or a role model. It's about creating opportunities beyond oneself, revolutionizing lives. Whether in sports or other fields, it's a matter of who's willing to open and hold the door for others.

Jay-R, celebrating qualifying for the WSL Longboarding Tour
Jay-R, celebrating qualifying for the WSL Longboarding Tour. Image by Reina Somura.

Coffee and Surfing: A Nexus of Significance

The economic gap between foreign coffee producers and our own raises questions. Is it due to a lack of demand? No, we have demand locally and internationally. Is it a supply issue? Our geography allows us to grow coffee like other producing countries, but consumers often forget that producers are people too. They need fair prices to make a living. If only the best is bought, how can aspiring producers thrive and improve? Bridging the gap between consumers and producers is vital, acknowledging our shared humanity.


Being certified as a QProcessor by El Union, I'll open doors for the farmers we work with, doing my best to empower their growth. Though our goals are distant, we've come a long way. Holding the door means recognizing privilege and creating opportunities for others to flourish.


In conclusion, "Hold the door" signifies empowerment and transformation. Opening doors fosters inclusivity, enabling others to pursue their dreams. It's a catalyst for progress and unity. Let's embrace the responsibility, illuminating the path for generations to come.

The roastery where Tan was certified. Image by Tan Lopez.
The roastery where Tan was certified. Image by Tan Lopez.