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Yakap Sa Dilim

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A single origin coffee from the slopes of the Philippines' highest peak, the majestic Mount Apo. This one is all about the sweet and juicy goodness, innate to bountiful Mindanao, the southernmost island region of the Philippine archipelago.

To distinguish our offering from the rich array of products from this diverse region, we draw the connection and pay tribute to Pinoy pop superstars Apo Hiking Society and their 1981 hit song 'Yakap Sa Dilim' (revisited by Orange & Lemons in 2006)–because a warm embrace is how this coffee makes us feel. Wait for the sax solo, and take a sip.

"Mga problema'y iyong malilimutan

Habang tayo'y magkayakap sa dilim..."


Btw, here are two links to some great music

Lastly: If anyone has any Apo Hiking Society on vinyl, please shoot us a message or email: