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Mysterious Orb Tee by Luis Lopa

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Back in January, visual artist Luis Lopa spent some time here with us for the North Swell surf. An avid surfer and occasional board shaper, Luis acclimated to Surftown like a fish in water. This gave way to him producing a new set of works for what was his 1st La Union show: “Infinity Islands.”

The exhibit, which was located in Great Northwest, featured 7 of his most recent works (all acrylic on canvas), one of which we’ve printed on this tee — Mysterious Orb. As Nicola Sebastian of Emerging Islands put it in her penned writeup for the show, “Luis distills his drawn-out process into two quick gestures—a circle of orange, a yellow horizon—together, they tell us where we are, will stay—the infinity of the moment for as long as we have it—nowhere but now, here.

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