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Burundi Natural

Burundi Natural

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Today we launch our Staff Pick series, a limited offering of delicious single origins hand selected by our bar and roastery team. These are coffees we like to drink on our free time, even outside of work.

Our first offering is Burundi Natural, grown at 1100masl, and processed at Kirasa mill, in Bujimbura, Burundi.

When cupping and brewing, we taste an intense orange sweetness on the palate; a syrupy and mildly creamy mouthfeel in the middle; followed by a long finish of dried berries.

We love this best as a hot, black, filter coffee; but go ahead and cold brew it, or run it through your espresso setup—no rules.

As a summer drink, we love Burundi Natural over fizzy tonic and ice, a refreshing, all-natural soda. Think elegant Royal Tru Orange, but with a caffeine kick. Garnish with fresh orange.
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