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Bonita Springs Natural

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Finca Bonita Springs in Panama sits just ten minutes from the heart of Boquete, a town widely known in specialty coffee as a hotbed for some of the world's finest lots. Its rich flora and fauna, high rainfall, and the cool Atlantic and warm Pacific winds crossing over the region, set the stage for delicious coffee, which thrives in biodiversity. As Filipino coffee people from the Global South, we look to communities like those in Panama for inspiration as we journey toward more world class, ethically traded, environmentally sustainable coffees. 

Panama Bonita Springs Natural by El Union features a high sweetness, creamy mouthfeel, and notes of berries and vanilla. It will taste great however you choose to brew it; but we love it best as a simple pour over, brewed gently through a paper filter.

By popular demand, we have a 100g jar size that we can ship nationwide, and you can reuse at home. To preserve freshness, we offer Bonita Springs exclusively as a whole bean coffee. Happy brewing!

Roasted fresh every week until supplies last.