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Bagulin Forest Robusta

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The Bagulin Forest Fine Robusta grows in the midlands between the La Union coast and its border with the Cordillera region. It is our first ever LU-grown and LU-roasted offering, and we are overjoyed to launch a fresh harvest on Philippine Independence Day 2022.

The coffee is produced by the Baguionas Farmers Association in Bagulin, who make their debut into the 'Fine Robusta' specialty coffee market alongside El Union.

During the Amihan season, their harvesters hike and forage the La Union mountains for ripe Robusta cherries. They process them to precise standards, achieving a crop that is clean, clear, and refined, while staying true to the depth and body Robusta is known for.

From Bagulin, the raw coffee travels two towns away over rivers and rough roads to our roastery in Surftown, where our team roasts and packs it fresh for service at the cafe, and delivery to our customers around the country.

Coffea canephora (aka 'robusta') and other resilient, lowland coffee varieties represent a ray of hope for the specialty coffee movement. As the world copes with a climate crisis, and the delicate Arabica moves further upland, Canephora presents an answer: it can be farmed in more territories, and is less susceptible to environmental pressures. With progressive thinking and commitment to the craft of growing, processing and roasting coffee, we can realistically hope for a future filled with great coffees.

Tasting Notes: Bold, tablea and pinipig

Roaster: El Union Coffee

Farmer/Producer: Baguionas Farmers Association

Origin: Bagulin, La Union

Process: Natural

Varietal: Canephora/Robusta

Elevation: Various